No.1571  Angels Talk. (23)

  Angels are drifting across the sky sitting on a hot-air balloon.

  ‘This is my first balloon ride. It’s very comfortable, isn’t it? ’
  ‘Yes. Sitting on a drifting balloon is very relaxing. I really like it.’
  ‘Me, too.’
  ‘By the way, who do you think has played a major role in human history so far? ’
  ‘Well, I should say the most selfish men of the most selfish tribes have.’
  ‘You are quite right. History shows that those who don’t understand the fact that all living things are the common owners of the environment ruthlessly have exploited everyone and everything to their own greed and glory and the rich is getting richer and the poor is becoming poorer even today.’
  ‘The first principle of modern society that says, “All men (and women) have equal rights.” has been openly ignored in the modern capitalist world.’
  ‘Yes, indeed. And the result is decadence and inequality of society now prevailing in many counties.’
  ‘And also large-scale destruction and contamination of the environment is going on driving humans to the brink of destruction.’
  ‘Oh, humans have to take decisive action to prevent their own destruction as soon as possible! ’
  ‘Yes. They have to arrest the tide of history and try to do their very best to build a better future for their own children.’

We Have Seen the Enemy... and the Enemy Is Us
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Enemy Is Us

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